PROJECT: Continental Mat Slab – St. Louis

Owner: Summit Materials
General Contractor: S. M. Wilson
Concrete Contractor: Ahal 

The above photo is of the Continental cement dome foundation.  Raineri, along with another concrete producer, started the 1,800 cubic yard placement at 3 am. Ahal Contracting utilized two of its Putzmeister pumps and a telebelt conveyor to handle the 300 yard per hour placement rate, and by 9 am the pour was complete.

PROJECT: Pinnacle Casino – St. Louis

Owner: Pinnacle Entertainment 
General Contractor: McCarthy
Concrete Contractor:  Vee-Jay Cement  

With extensive experience in lightweight concrete production, Raineri was called upon to supply the keel slab medium-lightweight concrete.  Due to the size of the placement, logistics of material, and weather constraints Raineri teamed up with another company to supply a total of 1,800 cubic yards of concrete. Raineri was the lead supplier developing all mix designs and through stringent quality control measures, both companies were able to set 3 lightweight concrete production records in one day. According to our lightweight aggregate representative Brian Powers,  this was at the time, the largest single lightweight pour, the largest single lightweight post tension pour, and largest single post tension lightweight keel slab pour in history.