Sika Construction Products | Raineri proudly supplies Sika Construction products to help transform the ease and efficiency of your work with high-quality and reliable products. The Sika products that Raineri offers include a wide-variety, so please contact Raineri Construction Products regarding your Sika product needs and questions.

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Raineri’s Sika product line:

  • SikaGrout 212/non-shrink grout
  • SikaGrout 328
  • SikaQuick 1000
  • SikaQuick V0H/Thin P
  • SikaCrete 100 Cl
  • SikaCrete 211 SCC PLUS
  • SikaCrete 421 Cl Rapid
  • SikaCem 103F


  • Sikaflex 1a
  • Sikaflex 15LM
  • Sikaflex 11FC
  • Sikaflex 1c SL
  • Sikaflex Textured
  • Sikaflex 2c SL
  • Sikasil WS-290
  • Sikasil WS-295
  • Sikasil WS-290 FPS and Sikasil WS-295 FPS
  • Sika Silbridge 300