In August of 1958, two brothers — Angelo and Louis Raineri — purchased a small building materials company located on 2/3 of an acre on Manchester Ave. in St. Louis. They renamed the company Raineri Building Materials and sold materials for bricklayers and sewer contractors. The early years showed steady growth so Angelo and Louis decided to expand their product lines to include plastering and waterproofing materials. By 1962 the company incorporated, and again Angelo and Louis were looking to expand their product lines. They decided that manufacturing Ready-Mix concrete was the way to go if they wanted to continue to grow their company, as well as meet their customers’ needs. Angelo and Louis realized the magnitude and expense involved in this undertaking and decided the best way to accomplish their goal was to work nights and weekends building the company’s first concrete plant themselves. It was this intense desire and work ethic that remains the hallmark of Raineri to this day. By 1972, Angelo and Louis had realized their dream and were providing a reliable source of concrete for their customers. The 1970s showed promising growth potential for Raineri Building Materials, and Angelo and Louis maintained their focus of supplying quality concrete and building materials for their customers. The 1980s started off very rough with the nation in a deep recession and the unexpected loss of Angelo. The company continued to progress and three of Louis’ sons — Peter, Martin and Christopher — joined the company. It became obvious to Louis’ sons that in order to fulfill the company’s traditions, a much larger facility would be required to expand current product lines and further Ready-Mix capabilities. Ground was purchased on an extensive industrial site across on Knox Industrial Drive. By 1986, a state-of-the-art facility opened and business boomed. By 1990, Dominic, another of Louis’ sons, joined the company, and expansion continued. Warehouses and offices for the Materials Division were built and the company was divided into its current form — Raineri Ready-Mix and Raineri Construction Products. Successful efforts were made to increase market share of the Building Material Division, while the Ready-Mix division would focus more on commercial and heavy industrial projects. At the same time, Raineri maintained its reputation of providing specialty concrete like silica fumes, shotcrete, blockgrout, and exposed aggregate. In 1992, Louis Raineri died and his sons Peter, Martin, Christopher, and Dominic became full owners, after taking over his stock. Raineri continues to maintain the focus and commitment of Angelo and Louis Raineri by providing its customers with quality products and service.